Hidden In Shadows [80 Mb : 16mins 53 secs]
I managed to catch this woman on camera during one of my late night prowls in the suburbs. I mounted my camera by the window and watched as she fucked herself repeatedly. I don't know what had gotten her so aroused but she was incredibly horny. Maybe she knew I was watching, because she sure as hell gave me the performance of a life time.

My Cameras See Everything. [88 Mb : 17mins 25 secs]
I was invited over for dinner to my friend Madison's house and managed to slip a small camera in to an unlikely location before I left. I tuned in later that evening and couldn't believe my eyes. Madison was butt naked on her couch watching pornography. I could see every curve of the delicious body I had been longing to fuck ever since I met her.

The Poker Girl. [89 Mb : 17mins 57 secs]
Last week I played poker with my buddies and one of them had brought this girl with them. She was quite the player and won alot of money. We really hit it off and she invited me back to her place. We talked for a while but I was too shy to do anything else. Luckily, I had one of my cameras on me and managed to slip it in to a nice little spot. This is the footage I captured.

Voyeurs For Revenge! [64 Mb : 12mins 33 secs]
This is some footage a friend of mine and fellow voyeur managed to catch. He told me that he and his girlfriend had just broke up because he caught her cheating on him. He said he had installed this camera in her kitchen months ago and wanted to get sweet revenge on her. He begged me to post his naked ex-girlfriend's footage on my site and finally, I had to agree.

Hidden In Her Computer. [72 Mb : 14mins 37 secs]
A lot of my friends know that I am real good with computers, so I am always getting asked to fix them. A few weeks ago a buddy of mine calls me up and asks me to check out his girlfriend's computer. When I get there I realize that this girl is totally fucking smoking and notice her computer is in her bedroom. So I decided to hide a little camera in her PC case, that very same evening I tuned in and caught that smoking hot slut bare ass naked and watching porn.

I Got Busted! [67 Mb : 13mins 14 secs]
Man, getting this footage of my friend Daria was really difficult. She walked in on me planting the camera but I thought I had gotten away with it, that was, until I got home. It seems she found the camera and had decided to put on a little show for me. I guess the realization that one of her oldest friends was a complete pervert turned her on. But you know what's funny? To this day, neither of us have never mentioned what happened.

Brian's Nympho Wife. [77 Mb : 15mins 13 secs]
Brian's Wife. Man, what a hottie. I was over there repairing their computer and managed to slip a camera in to the AC vent above their bed. I've got to say, she must be seriously neglected. Because this girl is a total nympho and this is one of the many long, hard masturbating sessions I managed to catch of her alone in their bedroom.

Late Night Prowler. [33 Mb : 7mins 20 secs]
Every now and then I like to go on a bit of a suburban prowl. Sometimes things are quiet with the cameras I have planted and I need to go out and get some fresh footage to add to my collection. This footage was a total fluke. I had walked by her house and just happened to catch sight of something that looked like a breast out of the corner of my eye. Anyway, I managed to sneak up there and peek a camera in through a gap in her bathroom curtains. Here are the results.

Caught With A Co-worker. [38 Mb : 7mins 05 secs]
This is a co-worker of mine, Susan. Her and I have always got along well and one night we got a little drunk at the office party. She took me back to her place and I stayed the night. I am usually too shy for anything like this to happen, but I was very intoxicated. The very next morning, I knew I had to get some footage of the beautiful woman I had slept with, so I hid a camera in her living room. This footage is actually from the next morning, about 15 minutes after I left!!